What is Hammock Pillow Therapy?


What is Hammock Pillow Therapy?


By removing the weight of the head using a hammock pillow, relax your neck muscles.

And by shaking the limbs and shaking the waist while weakening, improve your posture and balance
by increasing your range of motion.

In addition, it deepens breathing and works on the autonomic nerves and natural healing power.

The biggest feature of Hammock Pillow Therapy is all of this can be done by yourself.

You can easily "self-health control" while sleeping.


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autonomic nerves adjustment

Leaving your head on the hammock pillow and rocking it gently loosens the anti-gravity muscles throughout your body and relaxes you.

Improvement of neck and shoulder stiffness

Released from the weight of the head, the suboccipital muscle group and the muscles around the neck and shoulders are relaxed from the inside.

Posture improvement

Since the muscles of the whole body are loosened, the range of motion of the joints is expanded, and the distortion of the whole body including the cervical spine is adjusted.

Improvement of sleep quality

The parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, deep sleep is 1.5 times longer, and the number of awakenings during the night is reduced to less than 1/2, improving the quality of sleep.


It facilitates the circulation of blood and lymph that flows from the neck to the whole body, improving swelling of the face and discomfort of internal organs.

Relieving stress

Reset your mind and body with natural deep breathing and mindfulness, and recharge your energy.