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For people to be happier, we create items full of good ideas to heal your mind and body.




We human beings suffer from various bodily stress due to gravity since we have become bipedalism from quadruped walking.


The most significant one is by the head weight that consists of 10% of your weight.


Our civilization has advanced and then we tend to spend much time looking down without looking up the sky.


Therefore the head weight puts the burden to the whole body and derails the balance of nature.


We are tormented by various pains in both our mind and body.


HAMMOCK PILLOW is the idea to regain our sense of balance and natural healing power that originally human beings have in order to spend better life.



The characteristic of HAMMOCK PILLOW


@ The invention by a Japanese woman
(Under application  of International Patent・ Registered Design・  Registered Trademark)


Japanese women have sloping shoulders and thin neck, which is a body type that the head weight is prone to be overloaded.


The inventor wished that she couldput wings on the head and spent much time with thinking how we can keep our head light just like floating in the air and tried making prototypes.


Then reached was the ”HAMMOCK PILLOW”


The height can be adjusted at the position to attach cloth so anyone can fit.



A Difference from ordinary pillows


Gravity makes the head weight (5〜6s) toward the ground.


However it does not stabilize easily on the plane floor because the head is round.


Also the occipital region or the muscles of neck and shoulders are tensed since there is partially sense of oppression.



But when you use HAMMOCK PILLOW, the head is held with a large area and supported in the air.


The head weight is dispersed toward each direction and the tension of the neck and shoulders is loosened.



B Why do you feel comfortable?



The area HAMMOCK PILLOW fits most is "The hollow of the nape" and there are some important acupressure points nearby such as "wind pool" and "celestial pillar", which bring your body good influence.


While you put your head on HAMMOCK PILLOW, those points are gently pressed by the head weight and make natural massage effect.






It is an exercise that you swing the body in a relaxed manner with the head on HAMMOCK PILLOW.


It adjusts the bodily inclination and restores balance because the head, neck and shoulders are suspended in the air.


Since you swing on your own without any force from outside, it can be fully controlled and safe.


Besides, even someone who is unconfident in physical strength or the elderly can use easily.


For anyone who has a problem in any bones or joints, consult to your doctor and make sure that you may handle it.



D The wooden warmth and design



The wooden warmth of HAMMOCK PILLOW relaxes you.


Moreover, the streamline typed design and selectable pillow sheet is fashionable, which amuses you as an interior.



E Ecological, clean and convenient



HAMMOCK PILLOW is very ecological with electricity unrequired.


It is washable and hygienic.


Moreover, it is so convenient that you can relax yourself in 5 minutes.








Make good use of HAMMOCK PILLOW

for your health and peace of mind!



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